Operatics: all about opera

Hosted and based in the Netherlands, this platform was founded in 2016 by Laura Roling, a young Amsterdam-based performing arts journalist who specialises in opera. Mainly writing for Dutch-language media about such an international art form as opera, she felt the desire to cater to a wider audience. Armed with a degree in English, as well as a strong European network of young opera lovers for on-site coverage, Laura decided to launch the English-language opera platform Operatics.

Visuals and Logo design by Laura Roling
Logo and visuals of Operatics are designed by Laura Roling

Type of publications

We aim to provide a wide array of well-written publications on opera, for example:

  • Performance reviews of productions from Europe and the US.
  • Background articles on opera and society.
  • Interviews with artists, from budding talents to established superstars.
  • Opinion pieces about opera, society, esthetics and culture.
  • News and reflection.

List of contributors